Charleston Entrepeneurs Debut Children’s Book, Spice And Little Sugar

I love that I have so many talented friends. I just received a press release from my fashion designer friend, Megan Waldrep, about a new book, Spice & Little Sugar, that she and Charleston Children’s Therapy Center co-owner Melissa Nelson wrote together. Since the release was written so well to describe the cute new book, I am going to share it in its entirety.

Illustration by Lisa Perett of Robot Candy Co.

Having a little sister isn’t always a picnic. Older sisters may feel jealous of the time taken way from them, the toys they have to share, and the attention focused on the youngest member of the family. Getting along is often a day-to-day battle, but what can parents do to make this situation easier and to help children realize how special it is to have a sister? In Spice & Little Sugar, the delightful new children’s book about sibling rivalry, authors Megan Waldrep and Melissa Nelson show big sisters the big benefits, responsibilities, and absolute joys of their role.

Told in whimsical rhyme that children will love to read aloud, Spice & Little Sugar first hilariously relates all the ways Little Sugar gets on Spice’s nerves from grabbing her favorite toys to sticking to her like glue when Spice wants to be left alone. But gradually Spice comes to realize that Little Sugar does have her good points including sticking up for her when she gets in trouble with their parents and saving the day with her cute face.

Parents will love the warm, gentle lessons the book teaches about understanding how positives can outweigh negative, and kids will laugh at the playful illustrations and funny story. The perfect book for siblings, Spice & Little Sugar can be read and enjoyed by the whole family, time and time again.

Megan Waldrep is a fashion designer in Charleston, SC and the “spice” in her family. Her “little sugar” is her best friend and she can’t imagine not having her around. Megan knows how important it is to look good for a play date, so she creates clothes for the Spice and Little Sugars around the country. You can check out her designs at

Melissa Nelson is a speech therapist and co-owner of a pediatric therapy company in South Carolina called Charleston Children’s Therapy Center. She was also the “big sister” growing up and is now married with two young girls. When she is not threatening to ship her children to Bombay, she enjoys taking them to the beach, the pool or shopping around town for additions to their “collections”.

The book retails for $17.99 and is available for purchase here.

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