Jolly Nut Company Offers Holiday Gifts

Photo courtesy: Jolly Nut Company

When my friend, Len Meyer’s father passed away suddenly not too long ago, he left Charleston to go help his mother run her pecan gift business. With the Holiday Season upon us, Jolly Nut Company is here to help with all of your personal and corporate gift needs. Jolly Nut Company carries a wide assortment of Pecans, Pecan Products, and other Specialty Gifts from Georgia. All of the items are packaged in attractive bags, tins or gift boxes and are arranged in a variety of combinations in order to create that perfect gift. All online prices include shipping & handling! Order by Sunday, Dec. 18th and receive standard Christmas delivery.

Photo courtesy: Jolly Nut Company

Specialty Items:

Roasted & Salted Pecans, Natural Halves & Pieces, Praline Pecans, Sugar ‘n Spice Pecans, Chocolate Pecans &
Frosted Peach Pecans

Established in 1924 and steeped in family tradition, Jolly Nut Company continues today exemplifying the same fine quality and customer service that their customers have come to expect over the last 87 years. Located in in the heart of Peach County in Fort Valley, Georgia, Jolly Nut Company delivers the freshest and finest pecans that are locally grown in some of Georgia’s richest and most abundant farmlands. Jolly Nut Company specializes in mail order shipping of both personal and corporate gifts and has long been recognized for our signature products and other select gifts from Georgia.

For more information and to shop, visit

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