The Last Waltz Ensemble Returns with the Music of Bob Dylan and The Band

If you are a fan of live rock music, then there is a good chance you have seen Martin’s Scorsese’s classic documentary, The Last Waltz, which was billed as the last performance from notorious rock group The Band among many other special guests including Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Dr. John, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, Muddy Waters and Neil Young. While that show was legendary and lives on in many DVD collections, you have a chance to enjoy the music as The Last Waltz Ensemble recreates that night by bringing the music of Bob Dylan and The Band to the lowcountry again on Friday, July 1st at the Charleston Pour House.

When asked why the magic, mystery and music of The Band continues to resonate thirty-four years after the demise of the group, The Last Waltz Ensemble’s instigator and front man Kris Gloer responded, “That’s like asking why Shakespeare has lasted so long. It’s a timeless example of old world elegance and modern day hooliganism jelly rolled into a wafer thin mint and topped with Richard Manuel’s high harmony.”

It’s simple to see why singer/guitarist Gloer and his band mates, Jessica Sheridan (vocals), Benji Shanks (slide guitar), Mark Kramer (acoustic guitar/vocals), Eric Reed (bass/vocals), Jason Fuller (keyboards/vocals) and Will Groth (drums/percussion), continue to pay homage to The Band. The revolutionary energy of the group’s final breath at The Winterland Ballroom in November of 1976 has perpetually propelled The Band’s music in front of new audiences. Gloer and company, as The Last Waltz Ensemble, are happy to spread the music to established fans and young converts.

The Last Waltz Ensemble recently completed another tribute to Bob Dylan and The Band’s tunes with New Orleans Jokerman, an effort recorded in New Orleans and Atlanta with many of the finest musicians in each city. The LWE took a pull of Dylan and Band tunes and seasoned a fine gumbo with the zest of The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, George Porter Jr, members of The Neville Brothers, The Radiators, Blackberry Smoke and even the great Francine Reed from Lyle Lovett’s Large Band fame.


“It was a dream come true. Working with the Dirty Dozen, George Porter Jr and the rest of the NoLa crew was refreshing and inspiring,” remarks Gloer. “Those guys know who they are, so when you bring an idea to the table you’re going to get an authentic response. The collaboration was a moment of surreal testimony and was everything we hoped for and more.”

The Last Waltz Ensemble is a musical group that progressively plays the music of Bob Dylan and The Band bolstering a play st of over one hundred Bob Dylan, The Band, and related songs, covering music from all eras of the artists’ careers. From The Hawks to the Basement Tapes to The Last Waltz to later recordings, the group uses vintage equipment and borrowed arrangements, and incorporates guest performances by friends from regional and national acts.

Give them a listen here.

WHAT: The Last Waltz Ensemble

WHEN: Friday, July 1st

The Pour House
1977 Maybank Hwy. Charleston, SC 29412
(843) 571-4343


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