Cutting Edge Creations from Lucy Smith Metal Designs

Lucy Hampe Smith spent the first decade of her career as an interior designer. Known for her creative eye for unique detail, Lucy gathers inspiration from the places closest to her heart, whether it be the whirl of her toddler’s nightgown or the red clay shapes rubbed into the knees of her son’s baseball pants, Lucy finds perfect patterns woven into her very favorite parts of life.

As she watched her husband take a century-old metal fabrication business to thriving new heights with modern laser cutting technology, her inspiration reached a new level. The bright razor-sharp light beams left her with stunning piles of scrap steel. She saw life in the discarded heaps, as they twisted themselves into pure and priceless sculptures. Reflecting light, casting shadows and creating unforgettable shapes, these piles turned scrap steel into new ideas and ultimately her designer line of furniture, Lucy Smith Metal Designs.

Lucy Smith Metal Designs offers metal furnishings with exquisite tops and finishes for the discriminative setting. Combining cutting edge design capabilities with classic finishing techniques, Lucy Smith Metal Designs can create the piece you have imagined. Grand or simple, they can materialize your vision and taste with custom sizing and details that complement the classic or modern space.

Each design begins in the studio and is brought to life with attention to detail and fine craftsmanship in the on-site workshop. Because Lucy Smith Metal Designs are manufactured in-house, items tailored for a specific size and space are created with greater affordability and short lead times. There are also many in-stock pieces for your immediate delivery needs. Lucy Smith Metal Designs is expanding the collection with more originals each week, and collaborative design is available.

Contact Lucy Smith Metal Designs for pricing, special trade options and dealer exclusives. Achieve simple, classic, sleek and modern or old world style with a myriad of finish options. For more information visit or find her design locally in Mount Pleasant at Candelabra Lighting and Home Decor.

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